About Dre. Girouard's Laboratory

In our laboratory, we aim to improve the quality of life by doing research withi the ultimate objective of preserving brain health. The brain is an extremely sensitive organ which is crucial for uman survival. The research interests of Dr. Girouard are the study of the mechanisms underlying neurovascular coupling and cerebrovascular regulation in health and diseases especialy in the context of vascular dementia. The main objective of her research is to find therapeutical targets to protect the brain in vascular diseases. To reach this objective, she uses various techniques from molecular biology to brain imaging in mice and humans.

Prizes and awards earned by students in our lab

2015 Florencia Iulita, PostDoctoral Scholarship, Research Group on the Central Nervous System (GRSNC), $20 000

2015 Lin Li, PostDoctoral Scholarship, Quebec Hypertension Society,$27 000

2015 Dima Obari, Doctoral Scholarship, Quebec Hypertension Society, $18 000

2014 Maryam Tabatabaei, 2nd best poster, 13e Journée de la Recherche, École Polytechnique, $300

2014 Maryam Tabatabaei, 2nd best poster, Journée GL Plaa recherche, $150

2014 Maryam Tabatabaei, Best representative picture, Journée GL Plaa recherche, $100

2014 Corinne Archer Ulysses Award summer internship GRSNC, $5,000

2013 Nasrollah Tabatabaei, first prize in poster presentation, annual retreat of the Research Group on the Central Nervous System, $150

2013 Nataliya Sadekova, Prize for the best poster, Day GL Plaa research in 2013, $400

2013 Sonia Duchemin, Travel Award, ISCBFM Young investigator, $800

2013 Nataliya Sadekova, Best Poster, Congress of the Quebec Society of Hypertension, $500

2013 Valerie Bastien, Best value for the course of COPSE

2013 Melody Bouchard, Exchange summer internship GRSNC, $5,000

2012 Wang Xuewei, CSC Doctoral Scholarship, $ 80,000 + tuition

2012 Nataliya Sadekova, Master's scholarship from the Quebec Hypertension Society, $15,000

2012 Karla Cristina Monteiro da Silva, Canada-Brazil Science Without Borders Scholarship Program, $6,000

2012 Michael Boily, Best Poster, Plaa research day $400

2012-2015 Sonia Duchemin, GRSNC Doctoral Fellowship, $14,000

2009 Valerie Bastien, Bourse summer internship FRSQ, $4,251

2011 Melissa Beauvillier, Travel Award from CIHR, $1,000

2011 Sonia Duchemin, Exchange direct passage of the FES at the University of Montreal, $7,000

2011 Melissa Beauvillier Exchange direct passage of the FES at the University of Montreal, $7,000

2010 Julie Rivard, Exchange summer internship FRSQ, $5,000

2008 Benedict Vaillancourt, Bourse summer internship FRSQ, $4,251